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Construction of Machines and Equipment
Babickova 40
613 00 BRNO   -  Czech Republic
e-mail:    fialast@volny.cz
mobile phone:   +420 - 721 319 579
telephone:     +420   - 545 572 063
IC: 12173673     DIC: 5906132001
Entrepreneur –natural person– registered in the Trade Licence Office since 17.8.1992   (Reg.No.of TL: 01/1178/00/0)
How you can get to our place:
The firm HIGH PRECISION is based at 40 Babickova Street, the borough of Cerna Pole - on the left, approx. 20m down Babickova Street after turning off Provaznikova Street, which is part of the city circuit. (Babickova Street is a one-way street, accessible only from Provaznikova Street.)
HIGH PRECISION company on the map of Brno

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