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HIGH PRECISION will make a promotional model for you!

Almost anything can be presented in the form of a model:

Offered services

The company HIGH PRECISION has huge experience, having carried out projects for many domestic as well as foreign firms such as Siemens, s.r.o., Minolta spol. s r.o., Renault, Moravian Regional Museum in Brno, Czech Technology Park in Brno, CKD MOTORY - Hradec Kralove, VUCHZ a.s., CKD Blansko, a.s., TOSHULIN a.s., TOS Varnsdorf a.s, TOS Kurim -OS, a.s., and many others.
For an exhaustive list, see references.
Visit also our   photo gallery,  where you can see pictures of some of our products including their basic specifications, and get an idea of how models can be used in various fields.
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